Individual concept creation and consulting in the implementation of logistics halls.

  • Concept creation

    With the PARANET air dome we offer new dimensions for your logistical planning. With us you can increase your flexibility and maximize your profitability.

    Our halls are self-supporting due to an overpressure and are therefore completely column-free.

    Hall sizes of up to 200m x 200m are possible. The incoming air can optionally be heated, cooled, filtered, humidified and dehumidified. ...The internal climate of the air dome can be controlled individually and customer-specifically to create optimal storage conditions.

  • Ideal storage conditions

    The tender always takes place at ground level and the surface utilization is ideal due to the concave geometry. Various forklift and truck sluices are available.

    The lighting concept is precisely matched to the intended use. Our systems can be easily and unobtrusively integrated into your working environment.

    To increase your flexibility, our air domes can also be built in combination or combined with other buildings. ...There is a seamless transition between the different areas of use. Example: sanitary facilities - residential units - assembly & food - workshop & warehouse.


These six steps guide you in detail through the buying and renting process of a PARANET air dome. From initial contact to after-sales service, you will find all the information you need at a glance.

Step I

Contact and sending of a first price indication

Step II

Site inspection and discussion of relevant details

Step III

Transmission of a binding offer

Step IV

Production/delivery of an air dome specially customized to the customer's needs.

Step V

Construction and setup of the air dome.

Step VI

After-sales services: Monitoring the data of the air dome (pressure, temperature, etc.), maintenance and modernization



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our company and the PARANET air domes. Our experts will immediately deal with your questions and provide you with the appropriate answer promptly. You are also welcome to call us. We look forward to your questions.

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