The Company PARANET-Deutschland

The market leader in designing and constructing air domes.

The Company PARANET-Deutschland

PARANET-Deutschland GmbH intensively promotes the development of air domes. Particularly the energetic improvements and thus the reduction of the energy consumption is a focal point in our efforts for innovation and sustainability. Digital control of the heating system, smooth-running motors, low-energy lights and Solar Protect film are just a few of the developments already used for the PARANET air dome. PARANET-Deutschland is working on the use of environmentally friendly materials, simplification of assembly technology and renewable energies in the field of solar thin-film modules. This already generates up to 10 times more energy than the PARANET air dome itself needs to operate.


Seil-Baur GmbH, a medium-sized company for the production of Steel and wire ropes was founded.01


Jürgen Wowra buys Seil-Baur GmbH and takes over the management.02


Jürgen Wowra restructures the company due to economic circumstances. The "PARANET" division was born.03

PARANET Business unit

PARANET became an independent legal entity. The holding company is sold to an international steel producer.04

Foundation of Paranet

PARANET provides the first air dome for the homeless in Berlin.05


During the refugee crisis, around 1.3 million people immigrated to Germany without housing. PARANET builds more than 30 Air Domes to provide shelter for more than 12.000 refugees.06

Shelter for people in need

The 'Focus Business' awarded PARANET second place in the 'Growth Champion' category.07

FOCUS 'Growth champion'

Current Projects

01 Siemens München
02 Sport Scheck München
03 Kommunalhalle Burgstädt
04 DJK Lechhausen
05 Eishalle Haunstetten
06 TC Endersbach
07 TC Feldkirchen
08 TC Geradstetten
09 TC Groß St. Florian
10 TC Kundl
11 TC Landskron
12 TC Langen
13 TC Neusäß
14 TC Oberaich
15 TC Pöckau
17 TC Riedhof Frankfurt
18 TC Bensheim
19 Finanzministerium Wien
20 TC Holzkirchen
21 TC Kaiserslautern
22 TC Klagenfurt
23 TC Metternich
24 TC Nußloch
25 TC Siegen
26 ASV Villacher
28 TC Griesheim
29 TC Östrich-Winkel
30 TC Tallinn
31 Askö Auhof Linz
32 DTK Dortmund
33 TC Eggenscheid
34 TC Herten
35 TC Trattner
36 TC Arheilgen
37 TC Niederramstadt
38 TC Seulberg
39 TC Kelsterbach
40 TC Lörick
41 TC Neumarkt
42 ÖES Wien
43 TC Seeschlacht
44 Kommunalhalle Burgstätt
45 Center Parcs Bungalowpark
46 Jagdhof Neustift
47 Sporthalle Auhof
48 Sporthalle Planegg
49 Blau Gelb Frankfurt
50 Traglufthalle Eckenheim
51 TC Bad Aibling
52 Sporthalle Homburg
53 Adidas Eventhalle
54 HTC Stuttgart
55 TC Ingolstadt
56 Traglufthalle Kelsterbach
57 Traglufthalle Kösching
58 TC Kundl
59 TC Langen
60 Traglufthalle Maierhöfen
61 Traglufthalle Mannheim
62 TC Neustadt
63 TC Rüdesheim
64 Sporthalle Ruit
65 Sporthalle Seulberg
66 Stuttgarter Kickers
67 Sporthalle Süßen
68 Traglufthalle Zierl
69 Hamburger PC
70 Schwimmhalle Kuwait
71 Flughangars für MBB-DASA Afrika
72 Tennishalle Norwegen
73 International School of Düsseldorf
74 ICB-International Club Berlin
75 Whörbad Stadt Regensburg
76 SWN Hallenbad Neumünster
77 OSP Stuttgart Beachvolleyball
78 Schulsporthalle Rahnschule
79 Schulsporthallen Frankfurt Int.-S.
80 Notunterkunfts-Wärmehallen Berlin
81 Schwimmhalle Rüsselsheim
82 Topspin Wahlstedt
83 Care Dome® Taufkirchen
84 Care Dome® Neubiberg
85 Care Dome® Unterhaching
86 Care Dome® Oberhaching
87 Care Dome® Dachau Karlsfeld
88 Care Dome® Deggendorf Hengersberg
89 Care Dome® Düsseldorf
90 Care Dome® Düsseldorf–Koblenzerstr
91 Care Dome® Grünwald
92 Care Dome® Unterföhring
93 Care Dome® Bergkirchen
94 Care Dome® Deggendorf – Metten
95 Care Dome® Brieselang
96 Care Dome® Gelsenkirchen
97 Care Dome® Haar
98 Care Dome® Rottach Egern
99 Care Dome® Luckenwalde
100 Care Dome® Nauen
101 Care Dome® Falkensee
102 Care Dome® Holzkirchen
103 Care Dome® Steinfurt
104 Care Dome® Schönhagen
105 Care Dome® Neuss
106 Care Dome® Freising - Neufahrn
107 Care Dome® Starnberg
108 Bundesliga-Schwimmverein Darmstadt
109 Stadt Bonn Freibad Friesdorf
110 Dokan Sportclub Berlin-Weißensee
111 DSW-Freibad Darmstadt
112 Kombibad Seestraße Berlin
113 BeachMitte Berlin
114 TC Taufkirchen
115 Schulzentrum Puchheim
and many more AirDomes since 1996



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our company and the PARANET air domes. Our experts will immediately deal with your questions and provide you with the appropriate answer promptly. You are also welcome to call us. We look forward to your questions.

PARANET Deutschland GmbH




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